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Our Facilities

USA Fitness offers the finest facilities in the A-K Valley. Our fitness center is conveniently located in the Pittsburgh Ice Arena (formerly Valley Sports Complex) on Craigdell Road in New Kensington.

Here are some of the fitness opportunities we offer:

Weight Training

Free Weights - USA Fitness has a compete collection of free weights for all of your exercise needs.

Weight Machines - USA Fitness offers Paramount, Cybex and Polaris weight machines designed for specific training needs.
Sports Specific Training

USA Fitness now offers Sport Specific Training for our athletes. Sport Specific Training will provide you with the training and conditioning needed to help you reach your athletic goals. Championships don't happen by accident! Contact us today to see how we can get you, or your team, ready for the season!


Exercisers in the cardiovascular area can tune their radio headsets into our state-of-the-art system and watch their favorite shows on the four new televisions provided.

Treadmills - The cardiovascular area includes eight treadmills (four with personal fans). 

Step or Cycle - USA Fitness offers four new Precor elliptical machine, four stationary bicycles (two recumbent and two upright all with personal fans), and four stair climbers. 

Walking Track - Our new facility features an indoor walking/running rubberized track that lets you exercise all year round.

All memberships include free and unlimited aerobic and yoga/Pilates classes.


Our spinning classes will get you into shape - fast!

Help ease those tight muscles with a hydrotherapy massage!  During this unique massage, patients are supported and protected by a resilient barrier, while streams of heated water pulsate from underneath . Try a FREE five minute massage today!


Exclusively designed acrylic sheets allow the maximum amount of UV penetration for more tanning power.
Includes stereo speakers for your listening pleasure.
High gloss shoulder reflector focuses more tanning rays on the shoulders and neck.
EZ-Touch™ spring system makes it easy for the tanner to open and close the canopy.
Tanning time is 12 minutes
Tanning Lamps:
Canopy: 32 x 160 watt Wolff ® system reflector lamps
  Bench: 16 x 100 watt Wolff ® system lamps
  Facials: 4 x 400 watt Heraeus lamps with ETS Blue™ facial
  Shoulder tanner: 4 x 40 watt lamps

For your convenience, we offer morning babysitting Mondays through Fridays from 9 to 11 a.m. There will be a $1 charge per child per visit. All children must be registered at the front desk before proceeding back to the babysitting room. You will be given a list of babysitting guidelines, and your child will be given an identification sticker. For safety reasons, children are not permitted in the gym or class areas.

  Locker/Shower Facilities

Locker and shower facilities are available on the first floor of the Pittsburgh Ice Arena Complex. Please bring your own lock with you to secure your personal items.
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